Taxi Services

What does it mean to reimagine urban mobility? It starts with our platform – a strong foundation that connects every aspect of the for-hire ride experience. The RoadHop Mobility platform provides a home for our mobile app, payment, paratransit, business travel, and advertising solutions that touch millions of riders and drivers nationwide.

Apps Feature

Our customer apps features: Provide easy to use features for book ride immediate or schedule as per their needs.


To ride from anywhere, Login is required. If Login I’d password is not available then do the registration with all the registration form essential details. Here, riders have language changes option to select their flexible language.

Social Media Login

The rider can immediately log in with their social media account like Facebook and Gmail here not required to manually add any username and password all data are sync. With their social media account and it helps to login in very quickly in the uber script system.

Set The Location

After doing login to the uber clone script, Riders can set the location. Where they want to go? Set that location with the address and set the location on the map.

Create Profile

Riders can create their personal profile with the details like name, contact details and other essential details. Manage it all details with edit and upload their photos as profile image with help of uber script app.

Vehicle Selection Option

Riders have an option to select the service vehicle as per their comfortability like, van, mini, luxury or sedan. Vehicle service depends on admin what they can provide service.

Ride Now Or Later

Riders have a better functionality for the riding. They can ride instantly with one click or they can also fix the schedule for their future ride with the option of a ride later.

Fix Rate Option

Riders can go with the fix rate option and know that fixed rate is available in the area or not which they put in the current location and source location.

Vehicle Details

After selecting the vehicle, Rider can see all the details related to the vehicle. Like, Car Id and Plate number with the Trip number.

Apply the Promo

Rider can use promo code to grab an extra discount on their total trip amount this promo code detail is been managed by an administrative person.

Reviews and Rating

Riders can write the reviews and give the rating at the end of the trip as per their experience of the taxi services and drivers.

Cash and Card Payment

Riders have a convenient payment method to pay the charges of riding. They have an option of cash or card payments.


After booking taxi services, riders will get the verification code from the Email and SMS for that confirmation and check that request is done or not.

Fare Estimate And ETA

With the help of ETA, customers see the details of nearby drivers and also get the Fare Estimate of payment of pickup location to the destination location.

Able to Call Driver

Through the app, Customer can call to the taxi driver and supported taxi agents for any queries regarding the taxi services.

SOS Panic Button

With the SOS Panic button, Riders can inform their family members & friends while they are in the situation of danger or an emergency.

Cancel Trip

Riders can cancel the trip with the cancellation reason. It’s may possible that they have to pay some charges for the canceling Trip.

Surge Price

Riders may have to pay surge prices that configured by the admin for their specific riding time and other extra offers or comfortability.

Recover the Password

If riders forget the password, they can recover it and set the new password. Forgot password option is available for the riders.

Invoice Details

In the Invoice, riders can see all the details related to the trip. Like What is the total distance and how many time it took. Get the total payment amount with referral and promo bonus.

Wait Time Charges

If drivers have to do wait for the riders, Then Additional charges will be applied on waiting time. Riders have to pay that extra charges.

Favorite Location

Riders can add Workplace & Homeplace as a favorite location. And also book any location from the favorite location.

Real-Time Driver’s Status

Riders can get the real-time driver status like, on the way, arrived, etc. Also, track the drivers and know that when a driver will come

Interactive Map

Drivers have a facility on Interactive Map and also show the real-time car transition on the map. It will help them to find out the rider’s location easily and reach service location as possible as quick.

Multiple service type

Add multiple vehicle service types like SVU, Sedan, Tesla, Luxury etc and manage its details like Type Name, description, service type with option normal or visitor within the business on/off option, type of image in a map with map pin image with detail of aspect ration.