Our service is fast, and we continually learn and grow from experience.


We continually offer new technology to make your life easier.


We work to create as much positive social impact as possible for Bangladeshi.

One App for All Your Needs

RoadHop has evolved into an on-demand mobile platform and a cutting-edge app, providing a wide range of services that includes transportation, logistics, mobile payments, food delivery, and many other on-demand lifestyle services .

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About Roadhop

Roadhop is a technology company with a social mission continually develop new decentralized technologies for urban mobility and improve the welfare and livelihoods of workers in various informal sectors in Bangladesh. Roadhop champions 3 essential values: speed, innovation, and social impact.

  • Open. Flexible. Powerful. Our mobility platform powers everything we do.
  • RoadHop combines security, affordability, and convenience in your without spending extra.
  • We are creating the foundation for a scalable, efficient, intelligent, open network of the future.

We are trying to create a simple and open-source platform to optimize secure on-demand lifestyle services platform in Bangladesh and elsewhere.

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Convenient secure on-demand lifestyle services with co-workers friends and neighbors


Vehicle history checks on every Driver. Feedback on every trip.


Download and meet RoadHop carpoolers who are heading the same way. Get free Carpool Credits when you choose RoadHop.


Door-to-door pickups, efficient routes, and payment right in the app.


Meet new people, have more energy every day, and make the most of your time.


With a guaranteed ride home, you can rely on RoadHop every day.

Why Choose Us

RoadHop is a secure on-demand lifestyle services platform for companies and individual.

Convenient Pick & Drop

Getting a ride has never been this easy! We have specific pick-up and drop-off points which are convenient for everyone in each location.


All you have to do is call us at our hotline and our team will take care of your commute.


Safety is our number one priority! A verified and trained trip manager is assigned in every vehicle who is responsible for your safety.

Save Time

Hoadhop lets you beat traffic by making use of best routes possible, since our bikes can take shortcuts and zip through traffic.


We strive to ensure you have a good time communing in roadhop. To give you a great travel experience, we provide well-maintained vehicles.

Advance Booking

Transportation has been a huge problem of Bangladesh. Roadhop is an app based pick and drop service that aims to solve this problem.


RoadHop has evolved into an on demand provider of transport and other lifestyle services.